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Nerve Therapy

If you’re suffering from nerve pain, also known as Neuropathy, then you know it can throw a wrench in your day.

Fortunately there are a range of nerve therapies that can be performed by a professional to help you manage the pain.

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What Is Nerve Therapy?

There’s a variety of treatments that may be appropriate for you, depending on the cause of your nerve pain. Meaning that the treatment plan that Nerve Therapy consists of could entirely vary from patient to patient.

Anybody with nerve pain may undergo nerve therapy, and they know the pain can be unbearable, presenting as shooting, electrifying bursts of pain. It’s critical that anybody suffering with this pain does seek medical help to ensure the damage causing the pain doesn’t worsen, causing more severe symptoms like paralysis.

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Why is Nerve Therapy Performed?

Nerve therapy is only performed when a patient experiences pain due to nerve damage. It’s necessary to prevent the pain from escalating.

How is Nerve Therapy Performed?

The ins and outs of nerve therapy and how it’s performed vary depending on what exactly your treatment consists of. It could include anything from infrared light therapy, biologic injectables and IV infusion/nutritional supplements to physical therapy,  or even transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

This is a conversation to have with your healthcare provider, as they develop a custom plan for you.

What Should I Expect After Nerve Therapy?

Your treatment plan may have some elements that have side effects. Your doctor will discuss these with you. But overall, the most common side effect to expect is soreness at the site of the treatment – this will generally dissipate after a few days.

This minor short term discomfort is the first step to lasting relief from your nerve pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nerve Therapy

1. Does physical therapy help nerve pain?
Yes. Physical therapy can help treat the stiffness, inflammation, and soreness associated with nerve pain.

2. Can nerve pain be relieved long term without surgery?
Yes. Nerve pain can be treated with non-invasive options, like physical therapy, and infrared light therapy.

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