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IV Infusion Therapy

IV Infusion therapy has a variety of use cases – from rehydration after a long night, to detoxifying treatments and boosting your energy.

It’s a straightforward wellness procedure, though the method is used in more traditional medicine too.

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What Is IV Infusion Therapy?

IV infusion therapy, also sometimes known as IV nutrition therapy, is a delivery method for fluids directly into the patient’s vein, to allow for faster absorption into your bloodstream.

IV infusion therapy can be used for all ages – and the benefits vary depending on the liquid or nutrition supplement being given. It could be anything from saline, helping you to feel hydrated, to vitamins boosting your immune system.

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Why is IV Infusion Therapy Performed?

As we’ve touched on, there can be a range of reasons for IV infusion therapy to be performed – the most common across the board is to ensure hydration, but some of the other common reasons include:

  1. Faster absorption of medication
  2. Convenience for patient

How is IV Infusion Therapy Performed?

What to expect when walking into a wellness clinic for IV infusion therapy is pretty consistent, regardless of where you go.

This kind of treatment is typically administered by a nurse, and you’ll be able to sit down and make yourself comfortable during the infusion. The IV is usually placed in your arm, but you’ll be able to scroll on your phone or use your arms to a certain extent during the treatment.

Once the IV is inserted, the nurse will check the pump to ensure the dosage and pacing is administered as planned. Infusion time can last anywhere from 45 minutes to upwards of three hours.

What Should I Expect After IV Infusion Therapy?

Because this is a wellness procedure, the side effects are limited. But some patients do complain of minor soreness or slight bruising at the site of injection.

The benefits far outweigh the side effects though, offering anything from increased energy, to increased hydration, healthier and younger-looking skin and more depending on the kind of IV therapy you opt for. 

The IV infusions offered here at Anodyne of Rockwall include: 

  • The Immuno-Booster: Ultra-immune system support to
    combat the cold and flu season. 
  • The Anti-Aging Elixr: Boost your skin’s natural glow, promote
    healthier hair and stronger nails.
  • The Metabolism Turbocharge: Help your body burn fat more effectively
    and kick your metabolism into high gear.
  • The Migraine Extinguisher: Combat your migraine and its
    debilitating symptoms.
  • Myer’s Cocktail Wellness: Promote immunity to beat cold and flu
    season and strengthen nerve health.

As well as a selection of additional vitamin boosters you can add, or use to create your own concoction. Prices for infusions range from $149 to $199 – sign up for our contract-free membership to get your hands on exclusive discounts. See full pricing here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IV Therapy

1. Does IV Therapy work?
Yes. IV therapy allows for faster absorption of medication or hydration, allowing patients to feel the benefits of their treatment faster – regardless of what the treatment is.

2. How much is IV Therapy?
The cost of V Infusion Therapy will vary depending on your location and the frequency. Let our team build out a custom wellness plan for you, schedule a free consultation!

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