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Nerve Pain

There’s a variety of names that you might hear for nerve pain – including neuralgia and neuropathic pain. But all mean the same, it happens when the nerves that carry sensation to the brain are damaged by an injury or some kind of illness.

Patients who suffer from this kind of pain have described it as debilitating – but fortunately, a medical professional can help ease your pain.

Keep reading to find out more about the ways nerve pain can be treated.

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What is Nerve Pain?

If you’ve ever seen a picture of the nervous system, you know it’s a huge network that spans all across your body. In fact, it controls the communication between your body and your brain.

The system is so complex that scientists are still learning more about just how much the nervous system impacts. So it’s no surprise that nerve pain knows no bounds in who it affects.

Below, we’ll run through some of the most common causes.

The pain associated with nerve pain can be extremely strong, preventing sleep and normal life functions. Some individuals even report experiencing feelings of depression and anxiety.

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What Are The Symptoms of Nerve Pain?

This kind of pain can manifest in a variety of ways, but it will more often than not be extremely severe. Some of the common symptoms that are associated are:

  • shooting, stabbing and burning sensations
  • extreme sensitivity

What Causes Nerve Pain?

The body has four types of nerves: motor, sensory, autonomic and cranial. Your nerve pain may come from any one of these. Some of the more common causes are:

1. Neurological disorders
2. Diabetes
3. Autoimmune diseases
4. Environmental toxins

What Are My Treatment Options for Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain cannot be fully treated at home, and it’s entirely possible that the nerve damage could continue to worsen without the proper care, depending on the root cause. This is why it’s paramount that you see a medical professional at your soonest convenience when you experience this kind of pain.

Some of the ways your doctor may treat your pain are:

1. Chiropractic care – Depending on where your pain is presenting, your doctor may determine a chiropractic adjustment to be suited to you. This is most relevant when the nerve pain is because of a nerve being pinched.

2. Infrared Light Therapy – This kind of light therapy is the application of light to an injury to promote an increase of circulation and relieve pain. 

3. IV Infusion Therapy – This kind of treatment can enable vitamins and nutrition to make their way into the bloodstream quickly to help with nerve pain. One example could be vitamin B.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nerve Pain

1. What does nerve pain feel like?
The way that your body feels the pain will differ to how somebody else may feel it – alongside this, it will vary depending on where in the body the pain is coming from. As standard though, nerve pain is characterized by shooting, stabbing and shocking sensations.

2. Can nerve pain go away?
Nerve pain is more often than not a chronic condition that requires proper medication, treatment or care to manage. Schedule a consultation here.

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