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Foot & Ankle Pain

The foot and ankle are amongst some of the hardest working systems in your body – think: each day, how often you use them and the pressure you put them through while carrying heavy loads, exercising, and more.

Made up of more than 25 bones and over 30 tendons, the foot and ankle is susceptible to injury.

Thankfully though, this kind of pain can be treated by a licensed professional – keep reading to understand more about the causes, different conditions and necessary treatment.

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What is Foot & Ankle Pain?

The complex structure that is your foot and ankle includes an intricate puzzle of bones, small joints, and soft tissues like muscles, tendons and nerves. The daily wear and tear on this region of your body will eventually cause some kind of pain during your lifetime. Often, the pain is short term and simply in need of some rest. However, long term pain should be addressed promptly. 

Whether your injury or condition has limited your mobility, or you’re in chronic pain, speaking to a medical professional is the necessary step to reclaim your life.

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What Are The Symptoms of Foot & Ankle Pain?

Some foot and ankle pain is short term – this kind of pain can often be cared for at home. So, how can you tell if you can self-treat your pain? Usually your foot and ankle will be tender to the touch, and could feel tired – this often comes after a long day of walking or exercising.

If the pain doesn’t subside within a few days, it may be necessary to seek the care of a medical professional to limit further damage.

Other symptoms that indicate need for examination may be:

  • Severe pain or swelling
  • An open wound
  • Signs of infection, such as redness, or a fever
  • Cannot put weight on your foot/ankle

What Causes Foot & Ankle Pain?

Pain that does not improve, or lasts longer than a month could be an indicator of a larger problem. There can be several causes of long-term pain in and around the feet or ankles. Some of the most common are:

1. Overuse/injury 
2. Plantar fasciitis
3. Peripheral neuropathy
4. Osteoarthritis

What Are My Treatment Options for Foot & Ankle Pain?

If your foot and ankle pain does require treatment, it’s imperative that you see a pain specialist, to ensure that your pain is properly treated. When your mobility is in question, don’t wait.

Some of the ways your doctor may treat your pain are:

1. Rehab Therapy – Rehab is a great option for some foot and ankle pains. It retrains your body into normal movement, while stretching the ligaments and encouraging healing.

2. Chiropractic care – Depending on the underlying cause of your pain, you may find relief in chiropractic adjustment. This consists of our chiropractors repositioning any spinal abnormalities that may be pinching nerves and causing your pain.

3. Infrared Light Therapy This kind of light therapy is the application of light to an injury to promote an increase of circulation and relieve pain. 

Woman experiencing foot pain, holding onto her foot

Frequently Asked Questions about Foot & Ankle Pain

1. Can sciatica cause foot and ankle pain?
Yes. While sciatic pain is most prevalent in the lower back where the main body of the sciatic nerve lives, it’s entirely possible for it to extend all the way through the back of your thigh and down through your leg.

2. How to get rid of foot and ankle pain?
Foot and ankle pain that has lasted more than a few weeks, even with rest, requires diagnosis from a licensed professional. Schedule a free assessment here.

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